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Lunches and play lunces may be ordered from the school canteen.  The canteen is open from Monday to Friday.  Our canteen policy is in accordance with the Australian Schools Canteen Association's Guidleines and as a school we promote healthy eating habits.

Lunch orders should be written clearly on a paper bag and should show the child's name and room number. Where possilbe the correct money should be provided and wrapped or placed in the lunch bag.  Lunch orders must be placed in the classroom lunch tubs at the start of each day.  Counter service for some items is available at recess and lunchtime.  The canteen is managed by Mrs. Elizabeth Ketkas who is supported by wonderful parent helpers.  Extra help is always welcome, so if you are available between 9am and 2pm and are interested in joining in please contact the office.


 Canteen Menu

Current Menu - Operational Changes due to COVID19





Special Operational News due to COVID-19

When we return to school on the 12th of October the canteen will be operating but it will be cashless.

We are asking all families who wish to use the canteen to make a deposit of at least $25 to the school’s bank account.

 Lalor North Primary School

BSB: 063226    Account: 10069429

Please use your family code and the word CANTEEN as the reference.

Your family code is your Compass user name


We still require you to write up your child’s recess and lunch order on a paper bag and your child will place it in the canteen tub in their classroom in the morning.

The canteen will not be open for counter sales so all snacks and lunch orders will need to be pre-ordered.

We can assure you that accurate records will be kept of your expenditure and you will be notified when you need to top up your credit.  When your balance falls to $10 per child the school will provide you with a copy of your transactions and ask you to make another deposit.

If you wish to set a limit to your child’s expenditure at recess and lunch time please contact the school.

However what we are strongly recommending is that the entire order (for recess and lunch) is written up, on the paper bag, at home in the morning before school starts. Do not send any cash