- Principal's Message

There is no other school like Lalor North Primary School. We are a unique and diverse learning community. Our dedicated, passionate and experienced teachers collaborate to provide outstanding learning for every student. The school is making significant growth, with a strong shift towards teacher collaboration to improve student learning.

Lalor North Primary School was established in 1971. Situated in the North Western Victoria Region we are a member of the Whittlesea network of schools. The school has a population of 327 students. Approximately 70% of our students have a language background other than English. We are proud of the linguistic, cultural and social diversity of our community and our learning programs build on this rich heritage.

Lalor North Primary School leads Victoria in Bilingual education. Our Greek Bilingual Program began in 1977 and is the oldest continually operating Bilingual Program in Victoria. Our Macedonian Bilingual Program began in 1985 and has now reached its highest ever enrolment. Both of our bilingual programs enjoy tremendous support from local communities as well as being internationally recognised by the governments of Greece and Macedonia respectively. Languages are a strength for every student at Lalor North Primary School. Students learn through language and learn about language, participating in Greek, Macedonian or Italian. Our love of languages extends to the homes of all of our students. Our students speak many languages other than English, including:

- Macedonian - Greek - Arabic - Punjabi - Vietnamese - Somali - Persian - Samoan - Albanian - Hindhi - Nepali - Turkish - Urdu - Tongan - Mandarin - Khmer - Gujarati - Chinese - Dinka - Tagalog - Afrikaans - Maori - Cantonese

The school provides a comprehensive sequenced teaching and learning program with a strong focus on reading, writing and maths, informed by and aligned with the Victorian Curriculum. Student learning is enriched by many supportive programs. These include: literacy intervention programs, literacy and mathematics extension programs, English as an additional language (EAL) support, sports programs, life education program, bike education, music, school choir and swimming and camp programs. High expectations for every student ensure a challenging, rigorous and engaging culture of learning. Students are empowered to be active learners, to collaborate, to think critically and to develop curiosity. Students take pride in their academic and personal achievements. Students take on positions of leadership across their school life. Our Student Representative Council, School Captains, Vice Captains and other student leaders provide authentic opportunities for students to make decisions, take action and contribute to the inclusive, welcoming, challenging and safe environment in our classrooms and playground.

We know that education is a partnership between families and teachers. Parents are always welcome and are encouraged to participate in school activities. Communication between school and home is a high priority and takes many forms.

Our facilities include a new learning centre (opened in November 2018) which incorporates;

  • Nine climate-controlled classrooms
  • Student extension and intervention spaces
  • Spacious storage areas for student learning resources

Additionally the school includes a further; 

  • Nine climate-controlled classroom spaces
  • A gymnasium and assembly hall
  • A custom designed art classroom
  • A welcoming and well-stocked library
  • A music room
  • A canteen

The school grounds are large and provide a safe and secure space with 3 new shaded playgrounds

School vision, mission, values and objective

At Lalor North Primary School our vision is to learn and grow together in an inclusive, safe and caring community. We embrace learning, celebrate success and make a difference for every child and their future. Our mission is to build a culture of high-expectations for all that ensures our students experience high levels of social, emotional and academic growth. Lalor North Primary School's values are respect, honesty, unity, success and resilience.

The Lalor North Primary School community is united to provide our students with every opportunity to learn and grow. Our students become creative, collaborative, critical thinkers who develop their agency, self-efficacy and self-belief through the provision of; 

  • Differentiated, in-depth, sequenced and cohesive learning programs aligned to and informed by the Victorian Curriculum
  • Highly effective teaching, focussed on improving student outcomes, through a commitment to ongoing professional development, evidence-based practices, peer observations, Professional Learning Communities, coaching and mentoring, collective efficacy and collaboration
  • An inclusive, safe, welcoming learning environment that is responsive to student voice
  • Rich, engaging, authentic, challenging learning tasks in every classroom, every session, every day
  • Genuine partnerships and opportunities for community and parents to participate in learning and decision-making

I look forward to welcoming any prospective families or visitors to Lalor North Primary School.

Please contact the school on 9465 4922 to arrange a tour.

David Williams