- Transition Program

Our Prep transition program is comprehensive, designed to help prepare your child for school readiness and to familiarise your child and your family with our school environment and routines. It is also an excellent opportunity for parents to learn about teaching and learning at Lalor North Primary School and the way the school is organised.

Our Prep Transition Program runs from October to December each year and consists of;

- An interview where you and your child meet with and discuss your child?s development and needs with an experienced member of our team (either a Prep Teacher from next year or a senior leader in our school).

- Four (weekly) transition sessions where students undertake a range of enjoyable activities to engage them in early literacy, mathematics and arts and crafts in our Prep classrooms and with their future prep peers. During these sessions our senior staff also conduct parent information sessions to familiarise you with our approach to teaching and learning.

- A Meet The Teacher BBQ where students meet their new classroom teacher and classmates in their classroom for the first time. This is a fun, relaxed session that is the culmination of our transition program.

We understand that some students will require further support to ensure a successful transition to primary school. If your child has additional needs we look forward to working in partnership with you to arrange any required additional sessions to familiarise your child with our school, their classroom, their teacher and other staff members.

For any new enrolment to our school we are able to make appropriate transition arrangements in partnership with you. Please call 9465 4922 to discuss how we can assist your child in their transition to Lalor North Primary School.